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After six years of helping high-level earning entrepreneurs with their digital marketing the world's way, God saved me from the law of attraction and new-age deception. After the passing of my best friend in 2017, I was led to Christ. My life, marriage, business, and relationships were transformed. The decision to combine my faith, marketing experience and Professional education to serve online Christian service providers became clear. I witnessed my clients finding clarity, fulfillment while getting life changing results and finding purpose on God's calling for their life. Leading women to put God at the center of their lives and businesses so they can live freely is my mission. 

tracy wren is a christ follower, Podcast Host, and Business coach for online christian service providers.

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Jackie Sanchez Certified Health & Body Image Coach  

Tracy and her Framework course was a God-send! I was trying to navigate my journey as an ex-new age business owner for a few months prior to coming across Tracy's 1:1 coaching and Framework course. Not only did her Faith To Freedom framework tie many loose ends for me, it also showed me that I wasn’t alone in transitioning from a new age coach to a Christ centered coach. I was able to understand the principles of a Biblical entrepreneur, restructure my services, launch a podcast, and Tracy helped me fill two online coaching groups!

Courses and coaches like this don’t happen often. They are very rare in the marketplace. Thank you, Tracy, for letting the Lord guide you and for being a great steward with what He has shared with you.

Natalie Gensits
Copywriter & Coach

Working with Tracy far exceeded my expectations. I wasn’t sure what to expect with 1:1 coaching but she really did an amazing job of staying tuned in to all the details of my business vision and online offers. I have been able to let go of my old money mindset and learned how to be more focused on serving. After working with Tracy, I no longer feel stuck and I signed 4 new clients. I’m more confident and carry less stress! I highly recommend her!

Amanda Kaldor,
Certified Christian Weightloss Coach

Working with Tracy has been so successful for my business. She helped me refocus on my clients so I could better serve them. We also strategized a launch for a group coaching program. Here's the best news, I FILLED THE GROUP! Now, I've DOUBLED my investment and couldn’t be happier doing the work I know God called me to do.

I have more clarity and clients since working with Tracy and I’m actually excited to show up daily and do the work. Thank you, Tracy!!

With Tracy's help I booked my first client during our mentorship together and I have been able to finally pay off old debt.  The impact of Tracy’s coaching has been the clarity and faith in knowing my unique gifts with faith to serve others. While helping me grow my first business with digital marketing strategies to meet my goals, Tracy also helped me launch my second coaching business. 

Rachel Mildred, Wellness and Online Business Mentor

Hiring Tracy was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my new business and growth in Faith. Tracy genuinely cares and is dedicated to see her clients reach fulfillment and success. Since working with Tracy, I started my own business, booked a speaking engagements, landing paying clients and stayed faithful to Gods calling for my life.

Tracy by far was one of the best coaches I hired. I thank God for blessing her, developing her spiritual and professional growth, and leading me to her. I will continue working with her in the future. She's experienced and a resourceful entrepreneur who keeps God at the center. 

Zuri Garcia
Christian Career Coach

Ever since my coaching call with Tracy things in my business have been rolling into place. During our coaching call we went straight into the strategy and I came away with clear action steps on what to do next. The way Tracy helped me pull all my ideas together to make sense was incredible. I was so excited to jump at the chance of another strategy session after already finding so much value in her Faith to Freedom podcast. Tracy followed up with me after our coaching call which helped me to feel really supported. I wouldn’t hesitate to book another call with her in the future. It is rare to find a Coach like her and i’m glad God connected us.

Dani Nicole, NTP
Gut Health Coach



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