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After six years of helping high-level earning entrepreneurs with their digital marketing the world's way, God saved me from the new-age deception. After the passing of my best friend in 2017, I was led to Christ. My life, marriage, business, and relationships were transformed. The decision to combine my marketing experience, faith and Professional Christian Life Coaching training to serve others became clear. I witnessed my clients finding clarity, fulfillment while getting life changing results and finding purpose on God's calling for their life. I now confidently lead women to put God at the center of your life and business to experience how your faith in Christ leads to true freedom.

tracy wren is an EX-new ager, Podcast Host, Professional Christian Life & Business Coach

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The impact of Tracy’s coaching has been the clarity and faith in knowing my unique gifts with confidence to serve others. While helping me grow my first business with digital marketing strategies to meet my goals, Tracy also helped me launch my second coaching business while strengthening my faith.

rachel mildred

Hiring Tracy was one of the best decisions I’ve made for my new business and growth in Faith. Tracy genuinely cares and is dedicated to see her clients reach fulfillment and success. Since working with Tracy, I’ve been empowered to start my own business, booked a speaking engagement and stayed faithful to Gods calling for my life. Tracy by far was one of the best coaches I hired. I thank God for blessing her, developing her spiritual and professional growth, and leading me to her. I will continue working with her in the future. She's experienced and a resourceful entrepreneur who keeps God at the center. 

zuri garcia

kailagh kankaras

Tracy uses her marketing experience of building online businesses combined with a faith mindset to build your own online business – one that you love! Tracy’s faith in God is the center of the business and life coaching process that helps other women live with freedom. She is present with you on your journey and keeps you reminded this path is one where we are here to serve others with our God given gifts.

brenda ponze

Before working with Tracy, I was confused on how to start on online business. I was frustrated by so many coaches who use law of attraction and knew I wanted someone with digital marketing experience. I had an idea on how I wanted to coach but no idea how to start. Tracy helped me create a strategy to turn my natural abilities into a business, so I could use my God given gifts and make a real difference. Within a few months of working with Tracy I launched my business and started working with a client. 

lauren rattigan

I have found my meaning through the guidance of Tracy. I didn’t realize I was living it all along but she brought it to my attention! I have given my purpose away here and there but since working with Tracy I have created my own business. Without her guidance I’d never know how to get this off the ground! Everyone needs to experience this sense of effortless peace when you are living what you were destined for. 



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