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Are you ready to experience transformation? Are you ready to let God be the one in charge? Let’s be honest, He already is in charge, you just have to surrender and trust you landed here on purpose.

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I stepped up as a Christian Business Mentor when I realized many Christian women were struggling to find a mentor who shared their true values. These women would try to look for answers all over the internet and would find a ton of New Age coaches practicing manifestation and the law of attraction. I let God take over after I found the truth in Jesus and it changed everything. My faith was redirected to Him and not myself then rebranded my business. My marriage improved. The relationship with my children flourished. My business thrives in ways I couldn’t imagine. God had a plan for me all along and He does for you too. This mentorship is for women like you ready to create boldness in their faith and create the life and business God has in store for you. 

This program is set up with a simple step-by-step action plan for you to reach your desired result; to have an up and running online business that provides you with a life of freedom. Your private 1-1 mentorship comes with an exclusive back-end client portal where you’ll access all of your business building trainings, materials, and resources in addition to our bi-weekly coaching sessions.

Do you currently wish you were running the business of your dreams, one that’s using your God given talents and unique skills to make an impact while also making an income?
Are you craving the freedom to do more of the things you want?

It is entirely possible when you open your business to God.

3 month commitment

1:1 business coaching

What would it feel like to have confidence in the role God has placed you in. Imagine how it would feel to be bold in your faith to stand up and rise as a daughter of the King while finding true freedom in Christ. These life coaching sessions are designed to help you discover God's plan for your life with a more defined and clear path to taking the next steps for your life.

Transform your fear that holds you back into undeniable faith to break the chains of anxiety, self-doubt and confusion.  During our time together you'll be able to navigate through challenging seasons with the assurance that God is there for you. 

God has brought you from the new-age world and shown you faith in Him becomes freedom.

I see you. I know what it’s like to struggle with the new-age world. I was in it. I know what you’re experiencing. I had to offer life coaching sessions when I realized many women struggling with how and where to direct their faith. 

That's where I step in to help you step into the truth. It's time to be set free.

1 or 3 month commitment


This hourly virtual VIP intensive serves both entrepreneurs looking for direction, and vision for your business PLUS the systems you need for your marketing sales strategies. 

This intensive is also for those seeking Professional Life Coaching Services for guidance from the new age for a renewed sense of purpose in your work, calling, and personal life.

Receive a complimentary discovery call to see if a virtual VIP intensive is right for you.

These VIP intensive sessions are available for both professional life coaching services and online business/marketing mentoring.

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7 Critical Truths You Need to Know
About New Age Trends

7 Critical Truths You Need to Know 
About New Age Trends

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